Hypothetical question

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Hypothetical question

#1 Post by hughnique »

If my son, who is fast approaching 50, decides to up sticks and move over here to live in a dependance owned by us, what is the situation with a carte vitale, does he actually go on one of ours as a dependent, until he can register to work and get his own, and his long-term partner, what would be her situation.

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Hypothetical question

#2 Post by MAD87 »

A dependant at the age of 50 or thereabouts? I think not! AFAIK, he'd be in the same situation as any new immigrant. No carte vitale until he registered as an entrepreneur ou autre. Check the specialist pages on FB, as they have expert advice available.

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Hypothetical question

#3 Post by Antonia »

Children can only be on a parents' insurance until the age of 18. At the age of 16 they can choose to get their own carte vitale but it is not compulsory until they reach 18. After that they are on their own.

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Hypothetical question

#4 Post by Blaze »

When we first came here, we worked for a couple of local farmers for about 6 weeks to "earn" our carte vitales. If necessary, your son and his partner could find some seasonal work - plenty of it where you live ;)

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Hypothetical question

#5 Post by exile »

I fear it will be more complex than that. You came under freedom of movement, which has gone for UK citizens. A Visa with work permit would be required and I doubt that agricultural labouring would meet the conditions of the work permit.

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Hypothetical question

#6 Post by DominicBest »

You need to hypothetically look at the France Visas pages to see if he matches any of the tight criteria that would allow him to stay in France as anything other than a short term visitor. How is he fixed for getting early retirement?

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