World Athletics

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World Athletics

#1 Post by Doug »

With a lot of sport posted on here ( mostly football)
I'm a bit surprised of no posts about the world athletics going on at Budapest.
But then not much about the cycling from Scotland/Glasgow.
In my mind French TV has done the athletics fraternity proud with the coverage as usual with most sports.

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World Athletics

#2 Post by ajm »

Women will never match the men - tongue in cheek. Just enjoy!!

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World Athletics

#3 Post by edythuk »

I've been watching it. Brilliant heptathlon again. The triple jump was good to watch but Jonathan Edwards still holds the world record from 1995. What a jump that was.

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World Athletics

#4 Post by tagh »

1500 metres, you need sunglasses to win, amazing Josh Kerr

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World Athletics

#5 Post by MAD87 »

Is this on France 2?

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