Our fosse has a fissure

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Our fosse has a fissure

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Well I now have a solution approved by SPANC. After going round in circles for a couple of months and wavering between fosse compact and fosse sable, we have opted for the sable one. We have the room, it doesn’t need electric and according to our SPANC rep if the sand filter needs redoing, we can just dig another one!
I tried to get a pret a taux zéro but was flat refused because None of my chosen firms have the RGE accreditation even though the govt site says for none electric systems they don’t need it. I really don’t want any more hassle on this than I have to have.
I have told the enterprise that he has been successful but I’m waiting for the paperwork from SPANC before I sign the devis and send it to him.
I’m not sure how to tell the other two firms that they have not been successful. Is there a form of words I should use?

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Our fosse has a fissure

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@ Headers, look here.

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