Online tax return is open

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Online tax return is open

#101 Post by Oldblueraincoat »

@elsie Thanks for this - but l still don't know where on the 2042K l show that l have a S1 - any clues?

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Online tax return is open

#102 Post by elsie »

As I said before, there is only one income declaration, 2042. Historically, I suppose the printed version of 2042 was divided into parts as much was not relevant to many individuals and it was obviously not necessary to send a complete form containing all possible cases and of perhaps up to 20-50 (?) pages to all households. Online there is a single 2042 together with various annexes to select which might be relevant to some and are mostly correspond to the division of 2042 into the printed parts. Forms such as 2047 are just a way of collating information and the results are all fed back into 2042.

When you finally read 2041-NOT, you will find on page 31 the section Revenus du patrimoine exonérés de CSG et CRDS which is relevant to S1 and says Les personnes qui relèvent d’un régime d’assurance maladie d’un État de l’EEE, du Royaume-Uni ou de la Suisse et qui ne sont pas à la charge d’un régime obligatoire de sécurité sociale français ne sont pas redevables de la CSG et de la CRDS dues au titre des revenus du patrimoine (elles restent redevables du prélèvement de solidarité de 7,5%). Si vous remplissez cette condition ou, pour un couple marié ou pacsé, si les deux conjoints remplissent cette condition, cochez les cases 8SH et 8SI. Vos revenus du patrimoine et assimilés ne seront pas soumis à la CSG et la CRDS.

So the place to indicate you have an S1 is 8SH/8SI. As the boxes are not repeated on the various parts of 2042 (it is a single form divided into sections), you will only find those boxes on the printed 2042C. You will not find 8SH/8SI on 2042K. You will have to complete 2042C.

Even though the English language Isabel Want/BH Assurances guide is designed for a basic online declaration suitable for many, since the layout of the online forms mimics the printed version, it gives useful pointers to where information should be put and reminders for boxes which could easily be missed/ignored (or not found!)

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Online tax return is open

#103 Post by Veem »

I honestly cannot believe it.

I sat down at the computer at 12 today determined to make a start on the French income tax return, believing it would take several days and several pleas for help from the lovely helpful people on here. Despite lurching from one page of problems to another and blundering my way through, I had finished it by 4.30, which for me is a record.

That's 2 tax returns done in two days as yesterday I also finished the UK return and have that ready to post off. No tax forms for me now till next April. Cheers!

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Online tax return is open

#104 Post by glazedallover »

Always the best way yourself up into a tizz about it, fear the worst, and hey presto it is never as bad as you had thought.

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Online tax return is open

#105 Post by suein56 »

Bravo Veem ..

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Online tax return is open

#106 Post by Mangetout »

I took my completed forms, all 14 of them ( yes, 14 as I have to do it twice up to and after my husband's death) to the tax office yesterday to deliver by hand. It's the first time I've not had someone else to cast their eye over them so I thought I'd ask to see someone just to be sure I'd got it right. The rotters were shut. In the week leading up to the deadline there was a jour de ferie, and they decide to make a 'pont' on the last day. Someone really ought to remind these foncs that they are there to provide a service. Grrrrr.

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Online tax return is open

#107 Post by Veem »

suein56 wrote: Fri May 19, 2023 8:15 pmBravo Veem ..
Sue, as you are one of the 'lovely helpful people on here' who have helped me in previous years, I bet you learned I'd finished with some relief!!

Mangetout, 14 forms? Well done you for getting those filled in.

I once went to the local tax office to hand in my declaration the day before the final day for submitting them to find the dreaded 'fermature exceptionelle' notice on the main gate! Even French tax payers turning up at the same time as I did looked a bit nonplussed and annoyed.

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