Do I, or don't I?

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Do I, or don't I?

#11 Post by Lori »

plus 3 from me too. Wishing you all the best.

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Do I, or don't I?

#12 Post by manonthemoon2 »

Well, I wanted to do the trial, but there is a problem.

I spoke to the oncologist today to confirm my wish, "ok, I'll get the ball rolling" she said.

Half an hour later she phoned back to say as my surgery was 6 weeks ago (on Wednesday) I couldn't do the trial as there wouldn't be time to get the scan, the blood tests and the chemo by Wednesday.

I feel pretty peeved off, they've known the date of my surgery and got all the results for 2 weeks now so it looks like someone hasn't dealt with my case as they should have.

I'm disappointed I won't be able to add to statistics for the future.

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Do I, or don't I?

#13 Post by Polly »

I’m sorry it’s turned out that way, so disappointing for you. Having researched it and made a decision, it would have been an excellent thing to do. Sending very best wishes dring your treatments,

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Do I, or don't I?

#14 Post by Blaze »

That's a shame, MOTM2, especially after having psyched yourself up to do it. Best of luck for the chemo 🙏

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Do I, or don't I?

#15 Post by MAD87 »

Very disappointing, although you might get the benefit of it later, perhaps?

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