French Nationality

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French Nationality

#1 Post by niemeyjt »

Does anyone know:

Is being born in France to non-French parents entitle someone to French nationality in its own right (e.g. like in US) without other criteria such as residency?

I have found nothing, but son no 1 thinks otherwise.


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French Nationality

#2 Post by Blaze »

A child born in France of non-French parents may apply for French nationality. Two conditions : he must be over 16 and have been born in France. If he's younger, then the parents make the application.
Details here : ... -etrangers

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French Nationality

#3 Post by DaveW »

You are going to have to research this, a good friend had his two kids born in France, they went to university in the UK and Ireland and have not returned residency wise. They didn’t go for French citizenship after 18 and now have to go through the hoops to do so.

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French Nationality

#4 Post by MAD87 »

Yes, residency is very important, unless claiming through marriage via a foreign embassy/consulate.
One of our children (UK born) obtained nationality 5 years before we did.

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