How to post Your Blog on the website

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How to post Your Blog on the website

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Hi all, :D

I've added a new feature to the forum to enable members to post their own blogs if they so wish.

Your blogs will be indexed with a thumbnail on the 'Home Page' of the website along with articles that may be posted in the future, they will also be indexed on the 'Members Blogs' page. Once you've created your blog post and submitted it, a new thread will automatically appear in the Members Blogs section of the forum, where other members will be able to comment on your blog if they wish to do so.

I will now attempt to explain how to post your blog - it may look a bit confusing, but once you've done it for the first time, it'll be easier the next time.......... ;)
  • To start, click on 'Members Blogs' that you will find at the top of the page beneath the title of the website.
  • You will see a blue square with your username in it - click on the button that says 'New Article'
blog posting - 1.JPG
  • You will then see the following
blog posting - 2.JPG
  • Important - Make sure you give your blog post a title, to do this you simply change the text in the box next to the title from new article to what ever you want your title to be.
  • The category is Members Blogs and can't be changed so you can ignore that.
  • Featured image - this is for your thumbnail that shows in the index pages next to a snippet of your blog. Obviously if you want to have your avatar next to your blog posts you can skip this bit. To upload an image for your thumbnail you can either drag an image into the black box, or click on 'Or Browse' to upload an image from your hard drive.
blog posting - 5.JPG
  • Now where it says featured image, your picture can be chosen by clicking on the drop down box next to 'use avatar'.
  • To write your blog simply use the text editor provided, which is fairly self explanatory.
  • To add photographs to your blog, click on the picture above the text box.
blog posting - 3.JPG
  • You will then see the following pop-up.
blog posting - 4.JPG
  • Simply add the link to your photo where it says URL, and post an alternative text ie. the title of the photo.
  • Don't click on browse server as you won't have access to that and will just get an error page.
  • Don't worry about the sizing that's automatically filled in.
  • You can align your photo so it is placed to the left or right of the blog page.
Once you've done that click on OK and continue with the rest of your blog post.

Unfortunately, there is no option to preview at the moment, so once you're happy with your posting click on the Submit button beneath the text editing box and if you want to change something, you can go back and edit it.

But Please remember to give your blog post a title before you submit - thank you.

Please feel free to ask any questions if the above isn't clear and if you have a go and get stuck, just shout and I'll help.

Have fun,
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