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Somewhere for all our lovers and owners of classic vehicles to chat about and discuss classic vehicles in France. Also where members can share their recent adventures in their vehicle in and out of France.
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Motos Anciennes

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Now it was a very, very long time ago that I regularly sat astride two wheel fun, but seeing this Suzuki, I wonder, can you ride this in the rain? It looks like a wet arse and true water cooling for the engine. I would also imagine the oil cooler and radiator would be damaged by road spray from the front wheel. Can you brave born again bikers tell me if this is a dry weather ride only?

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Motos Anciennes

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@ Polarengineer, rain and almost off-road conditions are not on the priority list when introducing new bikes, not to mention maintenance by the DIY. Where does this leave us, where the sun shines brightly, selected roads and a wealth of electronics?

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